Both products have individual benefits; therefore, use them individually. Follow the AcuPride session with the Exercise Rope programme after 30 minutes. That lets you maximise each therapy’s benefits without compromising its efficacy.

AcuPride acupressure on an empty stomach works best. It improves therapeutic absorption. After eating, wait an hour before applying acupressure with the AcuPride acupressure stimulator.

Clean your AcuPride and Exercise Rope after usage. Use a gentle cleaner and a cloth/brush. Stay out of the water and sun. Regular cleaning maintains both goods’ hygiene and lifespan.

Pregnant women should visit their doctor before starting a new fitness regimen. Use the ‘Exercise Rope’ carefully, avoid over-tension, and adjust the intensity for more comfort.

Seek the advice of your physician before beginning treatment following surgery. Reintroducing the AcuPride stimulator to your wellness routine should wait until your doctor gives you clearance.

Absolutely! Enhance your AcuPride session by incorporating aromatherapy. Use calming scents like lavender or chamomile during your acupressure routine to create a soothing and holistic wellness atmosphere.